Anyone wishing to apply for membership may do so by registering with the secretary and demonstrating a commitment to the mission. Members participate in the charitable activities of the organization and are obligated to do some committee work or other helpful related work. The annual dues for members are those currently approved by the membership.

Program Services of the organization will not be denied to any person on the basis of race, color, religion or national origin. No one shall be denied participation or any other privileges of the organization due to their inability to make a financial contribution. All activities are open to the public.

Program Services

The Society of Danube Swabians is proud of its achievements over the past 5 decades in serving the greater community of Chicago. Through its scheduled program services, the Society has contributed and helped all age groups lead a productive life. The details of each service are found under each activity and are the result of many individuals contributing their time and effort with out compensation.

For more information, contact the Society at (847) 296-6172. The events, library and museum are open to the public. Check the Calender of Events for time and location.