Come see what we’re all about!

The Jugendgruppe is an inclusive branch of the Society of Danube Swabians of the U.S.A., which has been in existence over 60 years. We invite you to join us on a Friday night at 8 pm. Contact Jen and Monica at donaujugend@gmail.com if you have any questions. Follow our events on our Facebook page at The Chicago Donauschwaben. View our folk-dancing at www.youtube.com/chicagodonau.

Folk Dancing

Teens and young adults (ages 13 through 25) meet each Friday evening at the Des Plaines Facilities and are taught traditional folk dances. Being German or a fluent speaker of German is not a requirement!

The Youth Group performs at numerous Society functions, as well as Maifest and German Day festivities in Chicago, and local Oktoberfest and Christmas celebrations. Over Labor Day weekend, Danube Swabian groups from all over the United States and Canada meet at the annual Landes Tag der Donauschwaben.

Our Youth Group has traveled to cities such as Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Mansfield, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Windsor and Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. They participate in both exhibition and competitive-level events.

The Jugendgruppe also hosts fun, family-oriented events throughout the year.