Frauengruppe (Women's Auxiliary)

Frauengruppe (Women’s Auxiliary)

Mission Statement: The women of the Society of the Danube Swabians will maintain the traditions of their homeland and instill those traditions to their children and anyone interested in learning about the history and culture of the Society. In addition, the Women’s Auxiliary demonstrates charity, generosity, benevolence and philanthropy.

The Women’s Auxiliary meets monthly, on a Saturday morning at 10 am. Meetings are generally over by noon. Currently we have 90 members, 40 of them being active.

We have hosted speakers, offered cooking classes and experimented with DIY crafting projects. We play BINGO…..(which is a group favorite), we have enjoyed physical activities such as chair YOGA, massage therapy and manicures. And we have hosted numerous fundraising parties (Pampered Chef, Ghirardelli’s chocolates, jewelry parties, essential oils, LulaRoe, etc.) And lastly, we enjoy going on group outings (Botanic Gardens, theaters, restaurants) at least twice a year.

A core group of our ladies run the CDK (Chicago Donauschwaben Kitchen). And when hosting large parties, we enlist the help of as many ladies (and willing gentlemen) as possible. Our chefs generally cook and prepare for the Society’s major events….(See Calendar). It really does take a village to organize and prepare a feast for our many guests.

Philanthropy Projects…..

We pride ourselves in raising funds and donating to the following organizations: Project Linus, Mats for the homeless and WINGS.

We make blankets for Project Linus each year….thus far we have donated over 100 blankets to this non-for-profit organization. Many hospitalized children and teens in the Chicagoland area have enjoyed these blankets.

We also have donated hand-made crocheted plarn (recycled plastic grocery bags) floor mats to a homeless shelter. This was a very rewarding project.

We participate in an ongoing Charitable Action Program each month. At the end of the year, we donate all items to WINGS.

In conclusion, our Frauengruppe (Women’s Auxiliary) is an active group of ladies who love to get together to play BINGO, cook, bake and just have a fun day out. In addition, we are there to support each other in good times and bad.

Julie Baker & Clair Young

Co-Presidents of the Chicago Donauschwaben Frauengruppe