Teacher Bio Page

1st and 2nd Grade: Victoria Svazas

I currently teach combined first and second grade. I am a certified elementary education teacher with a concentration in German. Prior to working with the Wochenende Schule der Donauschwaben, I taught English abroad in Germany and Austria, where I had the chance to travel to many different countries. I can’t wait to share her experiences with your children!

4th Grade: Jennifer Zielinski

Since 2010, I have been the 4th grade teacher at the Wochenendschule, which my daughter attended from 1st through 8th grades. Since my mother is German and a little bit Swiss, I enjoy sharing what I learn about my Swiss heritage with my class, having chosen Switzerland as our class theme. I majored in German at the University of Illinois at Chicago and spent my junior year studying at the University of Vienna. Later, while working for U.S. Customs, I did some graduate work in education and the teaching of German at UIC. Interest in my daughter’s early German classes led to summer internships with Language Stars. We have also enjoyed regular Family Week stays at the Concordia Language Villages “Waldsee” camp in Minnesota. Since 2013, I have been the 1st through 8th grade German teacher at Grace Lutheran School in River Forest. The best part of teaching at the Wochenendschule is the tremendous support we receive from families.

6th Grade: Joanna Wardynski

I was born in Poland and I graduated from the Silesian University with a Master’s degree in German. I have been in the United States for about 25 years. I have eight years of experience in teaching German at secondary school in the United States. It is my thirteenth year of teaching sixth grade at the Wochenendschule. I am fluent in three languages: English, German, and Polish.

7th Grade: Kirk Walker

Ich bin schon 8 Jahren Lehrer der Wochenendschule des DS Vereins in Chicago, aber wochentagsüber arbeite ich bei einer Technologiefirma. Abends vergeude ich so viel Zeit wie möglich auf WoW, spiel mit meinen Hünden, geh gern Spazieren und unterhalte mich mit meiner schönen Frau.